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Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Elderly Parents' Evaporative Cooler

Does your elderly parent use evaporative cooling in their home? Are you concerned that they aren't comfortable during the summer heat? Here are some reasons they should consider replacing their swamp cooler with an air conditioning unit:  

Better air quality: A buildup of airborne contaminants can create a "sick house" environment, a home with serious air quality problems. The long-term exposure to contaminants can cause illness symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, watery eyes, and nausea. Dust, pollen, or smoke in the air also can negatively impact your parent's respiratory health or cause flare-ups of allergy or asthma symptoms. Swamp coolers don't provide any air filtration for the home. They could even create additional health problems because the moisture they produce might increase the hazard of mildew or mold in the home. An air conditioner can efficiently remove all these risks from your parent's home.  Many air conditioners have filters that work to purify the recirculated air in the home and improve their overall environment. 

Drier air: Excess moisture in the air can cause paint to peel, crack, or chip. It can also weaken the home's structure by causing wood to rot. The condensation cycle of an evaporative cooler can create a musty smell in furniture and clothing. It can also create an atmosphere of high humidity that makes the indoor air feel stagnant and congested. Too much condensation can also encourage the growth of mold or fungus on the walls.  

Works better during the summer: A swamp cooler can generally reduce the air temperature only by 20 degrees. This could be of no benefit if your parent lives in an area where the summertime high temperatures reach over 100 degrees. Additionally, because swamp coolers use water to cool the air, they are ineffective during periods of high humidity. Your parent may not complain, but if they live in an area with high heat and humidity, their evaporative cooler could be turning their home into a sauna. They may be tempted to leave the windows open at night to cool off, creating a security risk by potentially allowing break-ins while they sleep. 

Better environmental control: An air conditioning unit allows your parent to choose a temperature that's comfortable for them. They might think that warmer night temperatures help alleviate their arthritic stiffness, but want the home to be arctic-cold during the day. They may like the idea of sleeping in a cold room without having to expose themselves to the danger of leaving the windows open all night. An air conditioner allows them to control their indoor environment and makes their life more comfortable round the clock.

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