Allergies and AC filters

3 Reasons You Can't Afford To Wait To Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

The ducts are an integral part of your HVAC unit's system. They carry hot or cold air to different parts of your house, allowing you to adjust the temperature so that you can be comfortable. You should have your HVAC unit looked at once a year in order to head off any costly repairs that can become damaging over time.

Routinely cleaning near the vents and checking up on your air filter is also helpful in keeping your HVAC unit running well. Getting your air ducts cleaned also contributes to your HVAC unit's performance and lifespan over time. Here are three reasons why you can't afford to wait to get your air ducts cleaned.

Dirty air decreases the air quality in your home and stirs up allergies.

Dirt, pollen, dust, and grime build up in your air ducts when your air filters fail. These dirt particles do not just sit in your air ducts; they are circulated throughout your home whenever you run your air conditioner or heater. This decreases the air quality in your home, which can cause you to have difficulty breathing. Further, you may experience other symptoms including exacerbation of your allergies, runny nose, and irritated eyes. Even your pets can be affected by the circulating dust, pollen, and dirt.

Accumulated grime can clog up your ducts and impede HVAC unit performance.

As more grime accumulates in your air ducts, a clog can form. The blockage keeps heated or cooled air from circulating throughout your house when you use your heater or air conditioning unit. If you are unaware of the blockage, then you might crank your thermostat, using more energy than you need; this can be reflected in a significantly higher energy bill. Getting your air ducts cleaned helps you to not only save money, but also helps your HVAC unit circulate air efficiently.

Dirt from your ducts can reach the HVAC unit's motor and cause damage.

Your air conditioner and heater are powered by a motor. This motor can become damaged if dirt and grime from your air ducts travel to it. A dusty motor does not perform at optimal levels, and the dust can get into the inner workings of the motor, causing damage that is very costly to repair. This dilemma can be avoided by having your air ducts periodically cleaned as well as inspecting, cleaning, and replacing the air filter as needed.

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