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Your Best Heating And/Or Air Conditioning Options When You Need To Replace What You Have

If your heating system and/or your cooling system in your home has decided to give out completely, you may be looking at other options. It helps to know what your best heating and air conditioning options are when you are trapped between a rock and hard place (i.e., tight budget and having to repair one or both of these systems). The following highlights some of your best options for one or both systems that could really be a lifesaver to your pocket and the level of comfort in your home.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Geothermal heating and cooling may be expensive initially, but this particular option takes care of both your heating and cooling needs when you need to replace both systems simultaneously. A flip of a switch inside your home takes the geothermal system from heating to cooling and back again. Best of all, the geothermal system reuses the fans and ventilation system of your old furnace so you do not have to have your HVAC contractor remove this from your home (which is a very costly process, to be sure).

Heat Pump Systems

A heat pump system does what a geothermal system does, only it works above ground. Also unlike a geothermal system, a heat pump does not utilize the earth's natural propensity to remain cool six feet below the surface. Instead, it operates on the principal of removing hotter air from the house and ejecting it outside, which allows the cooler air in the house to remain. When you reverse the system to warm the house, it pulls the cooler air out and leaves the warmer air behind. You may also select a pump system that only helps cool your home.

Space Heaters and Portable Air Conditioners

If you want a really cheap (but temporary) option to your heating and cooling problems, there are always space heaters and portable air conditioners. The nice thing about these options is that you only need to set them up and run them in the rooms of the house that you want to heat or cool. To keep individual rooms warm or cold, you can just shut the door and come back to that room as needed. Many space heaters need ventilation, as do portable air conditioners, but an HVAC contractor can help you set up both of these machines such that they safely vent to the outside throught a nearby window. 

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