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3 Ways To Tell Your Commercial Cooling System Needs Maintenance

Routine maintenance of your cooling system is the best way to prevent the need for costly repairs. Maintenance is also the best way to get the most out of your cooling system. If you don't have a service contract or other regular maintenance routine, then you're not doing your AC any favors. Have you noticed any of the following problems?

Are Your Cooling Costs Increasing?

Increasing costs to run the AC for your facility is an obvious sign of a problem. You may not notice it at first if the increase is a gradual one. Eventually, it will become apparent something is wrong. Conversely, a sharp increase can indicate you need to take immediate action.

A gradual increase in your costs can mean you have components that need cleaning, tuning, or replacing. Your cooling system has to work increasingly harder to keep your building cool. A sharp increase in your cooling costs can mean something's broken. Your cooling system can fall into complete disrepair if you don't deal with the issue immediately.  

Do You Hear Odd Noises?

A well-tuned and efficient cooling system won't clank, clang, buzz, screech, bang, or make any other unusual sounds. If you're hearing anything of the sort, then you shouldn't ignore it.

In most facilities, the day-to-day activities happen away from the HVAC equipment. This is especially true of buildings that use cooling towers or other roof solutions. If you hear noises, you will likely hear them from the vents.

Is Your Cooling Uneven, Inconsistent, or Erratic?

If your cooling system isn't operating as it should, you'll likely experience uneven cooling. For facilities managers, evidence of uneven cooling often comes in the form of complaints from others who use the building. Uneven cooling can occur for various reasons:

  • Wear and tear on the cooling system
  • Damaged ducts
  • Thermostat issues
  • Improperly sized cooling system
  • Improper air conditioning installation
  • Dirty filters
  • Dirty or damaged components

All these issues can lead to poor performance from your cooling system. Interestingly, a lack of routine maintenance can also directly lead to cooling issues. Once you have a professional check, clean, and service your system, you can start a proper maintenance schedule.

Don't let any issue linger. If your cooling system starts misbehaving in any way, don't assume that behavior is a normal occurrence. Call in a professional commercial air conditioning repair service for more info. A little maintenance may solve a lot of your cooling problems.