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Portable And Window AC Units Compared

Even if you already have central air conditioning in your home, you might be looking for some ways to cool your home more efficiently. Usually, rooms don't cool off equally because of a number of factors. For instance, rooms that are farther from the actual air conditioning unit usually receive less airflow. Furthermore, certain rooms in your home receive more direct sunlight, so they are bound to be hotter. Homeowners often compensate by turning their air conditioning up to make these hotter rooms more comfortable. This often results in other rooms being too cold. It can be hard to make everybody happy at the same time. However, investing in portable or window AC units for the rooms that need them most is a great solution. This article compares window and portable AC units.

Window Units

Window AC units are popular because they are relatively inexpensive and highly effective. They are usually more productive than portable units, because they can cool themselves down using the outside air. That is, the motor can run cooler, use less electricity, and produce stronger airflow. Window AC units also have far better filtering systems than portable units. They can not only produce colder air, but they can also reduce odors and allergens more effectively.

But window AC units certainly have some drawbacks. First of all, they have to be installed in the window, making that fixture a lot less stylish. Most people don't exactly love the way that window units look, on the inside or outside. Also, screws need to be attached to the window frame and sill in order to hold the AC unit in place.

Portable Units

Portable window units are definitely more convenient, because all they need to function is electricity. That being said, they have reduced airflow and capability compared to window units. A portable unit might be a good temporary solution in a small room, but don't expect it to be your only source of air conditioning. Homeowners love the fact that portable units can be rolled away and put in storage when they aren't needed. You can keep it in your closet and pull it out only when it gets a little hot.

In the end, some rooms might necessitate an actual window AC unit, while others will only need a smaller portable unit. By using these types of air conditioning devices, you can keep the temperature throughout your house more consistent and be less reliant on running your air conditioner at such high levels.