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4 Tips For Choosing The Best Renewable Energy For A New AC Installation

When you need to have a new AC installed, there are many choices of energy-efficient systems. Some of these choices include renewable energy to reduce the costs of running your system. Here are some tips to help choose the best renewable energy solutions you residential air conditioning installation:

1. Combination Systems with Evaporative Cooling and Water Collection

One of the options that you may want to consider if you are looking for more efficient cooling is using evaporative cooling. These are systems that use the evaporation of water to cool air, which can be combined with rain collection to provide a renewable resource. Since these systems only work in low-humidity, talk with your AC installer about using a combination design that also has conventional air conditioning to use when the air is too humid for evaporative cooling.

2. Geothermal Exchange Systems for Efficient Heating and Cooling Solutions

One of the oldest renewable energy solutions for HVAC systems is geothermal systems. Usually, the design of geothermal systems is a loop of pipes buried beneath the ground that acts as a thermal exchange to provide your air conditioner with energy. These systems have the benefit of using a somewhat conventional forced-air HVAC design and can be used for more efficient heating and cooling in your home.

3. More Efficient Home Cooling with Modern Heat Pump AC Solutions

For more efficient home cooling solutions, you may want to have heat pump systems installed. These are systems that work much like conventional compressed gas systems, but they are more efficient and can work in reverse. This means that they can also be used to provide your home with a heating solution during mild winter weather.

4. The Use of Solar Panels and Collectors for More Efficient HVAC Systems 

There are also several ways that solar energy can be used to make HVAC systems more efficient. For the installation of new AC systems, conventional PV solar panels can be used to provide electricity for things like motors and fans. For heating your home, solar collectors can be used to heat liquids and provide furnaces, boilers and water heaters with thermal energy.

These are some tips to help choose the best renewable energy solutions for the installation of a new AC. If you are ready to replace your old air conditioner, contact an air conditioning installation service and talk to them about some of the renewable energy solutions that are right for your home.