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Instances When You Need To Turn Off Your Home's Gas Furnace Immediately

While some maintenance tasks and repairs on your gas furnace can be done when it is convenient, there are times when a problem needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Below are some of these instances when you need to turn off your gas furnace immediately and contact a professional to deal with the emergency situation.

Constant Loud Banging Is Coming from the Furnace

Whenever the blower on your furnace turns on, it is normal to hear a muffled bang as the fan and motor startup. However, if the banging noise becomes louder and continues while the blower is running, this could be a sign of something serious.

If the fan has become dislodged, or the motor is dying, it may start making sounds as it hits against other components inside the furnace. If you allow the behavior to continue, other parts of the heater could be damaged, causing even more costly repairs.

When you hear these loud bangs, turn off your heater, and allow it to cool down. Then, remove the panel to check to see if the fan is loose. If so, and you feel comfortable doing it, try tightening the center bolt.

If this does not stop the noises or was not the problem, the issue could be with the blower motor. Do not restart your furnace. Instead, call a professional to inspect it first.

Strong Gas Odor Is Detected in Your House

Another time when you need to immediately shut off your gas furnace is when you detect the strong odor of gas in your home. While a small whiff of an odor resembling rotten eggs is normal when you light the pilot the first time, you should not smell it while the furnace is running.

If you do detect the gas odor, immediately open all of your windows. Then, shut off your furnace, and extinguish the pilot. If possible, turn off the main gas line in your home to ensure no more gas freely leaks inside.

Once you have turned everything off, leave your house. Then, contact an emergency heating repair to tell them about the gas odor. They should send someone out right away.

Any of the above instances are considered heating emergencies that require that you turn off your furnace and have someone deal with it promptly, especially if the weather is freezing outside. Contact an emergency heating repair service to explain your situation and have someone come out to your home as soon as possible.