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4 Reasons To Upgrade Your Air Conditioner ASAP

With chilly temperatures giving way to warmer weather, now is a good time to reevaluate your air conditioning system. If you're happy with your current system's reliability, performance, and efficiency, then there's little incentive to upgrade to a newer unit. If you've run into any of the following, however, then an upgrade is definitely in order.

1. Your Current System Gave You Trouble Last Summer

If you've had problems out of your air conditioner the previous summer, whether it couldn't cool your home properly or simply needed constant attention from your HVAC contractor, then it's time to upgrade to a newer and more reliable A/C system. Making the switch ahead of the upcoming summer season ensures that last year's struggles with home cooling won't become this year's struggles, as well.

2. Your System's Old Enough to Drink

Nothing lasts forever – not even your air conditioner. Most modern A/C systems are considered obsolete after 20 years. Running a typical A/C unit past that mark means you'll spend more in repairs and utility costs over the long term. Whether you've held off on upgrading your A/C system or recently moved into an older home with an equally older unit, you won't get much utility from keeping an A/C system well past its prime.

3. Your Old A/C is Literally Making You Sick

Old air conditioners aren't just ticking time bombs when it comes to maintenance. Older units can also drag down your home's indoor air quality by harboring a host of toxic airborne pollutants. Years of dust and pollen accumulation can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms in sufferers, while toxic mold and mildew can flourish deep within A/C systems – especially units that see little to no maintenance.

In some cases, even a thorough, professional cleaning may not be enough to uproot illness-causing pollutants from your A/C system. A complete replacement followed by other preventive steps to ensure good air quality can help make your home healthier and more comfortable.

4. You Can't Live With the Noise It Makes

A noisy air conditioner won't make you sick, but it can annoy the daylights out of you and others in your home. Whether it constantly rattles, squeals or makes other annoying noises, the racket your A/C system makes could be a sign of underlying trouble ahead. Having your HVAC contractor replace a noisy A/C system not only helps bring peace and quiet back to your home, but you'll also preempt any serious maintenance issues that might develop later on.