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What to Do if Your Air Conditioning Quits Working

In many parts of the country, air conditioning is essential during the hot summer months but what if your air conditioning stops working? There are a few things you can try but knowing when to call for an AC repair service is important.

Check the Thermostat First

If your air conditioning stops working without any warning, the first thing you should do is to check the thermostat to ensure the air conditioning did not get accidentally turned off. The thermostat should be working and have power to it but if it doesn't, check the connections on the back of the thermostat to make sure it is plugged in properly. 

Most modern thermostats come off the wall easily and the connections are readily accessible. If you know how to check for power with a meter, you can but if the thermostat is plugged in and you don't know how to check the power, you should call a repair service and have them come check the system. 

Check the Breakers

If you have power to the thermostat and the system still won't turn on, check the breaker panel to be sure you didn't have a breaker trip off at some point. Reset the breaker if it is off, then wait and see if the system comes on or if it trips the breaker again. 

If the breaker trips a second time, there is a problem somewhere in the system. Leave the breaker off and call your air conditioning service company to have them check out the air conditioner. You could have a broken wire or a short somewhere in the system that could cause brig problems if you leave the breaker energized. 

Check the Outside Unit

There is not a lot you can do outside but you can look around the unit for anything odd like a lot of water or a smell that seems out of place. Look in the top of the unit to see if there is ice build-up or charing inside the unit. If you do see something out of place, give your air conditioning company a call. Ther is nothing inside the air condition system that is easily serviceable by the homeowner. 

When the technician arrives, let them know what is going on with the unit, what you have tried so far, and anything strange that you saw with the unit outside your home. The technician will take a look at everything and determine the cause of the problem for you. Once they have, they will let you know what needs doing and then you can have them get started with the job of getting the AC up and running again.