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Boiler Answers For Homeowners

Installing a new heating system can be an improvement that will greatly improve the comfort and heating costs of the home. Boilers can be an extremely effective option for heating medium and large homes due to the high amount of heat that these systems output coupled with the minimal energy needs.

What Are The Differences Between Gas Or Electric Boilers?

A key first step in deciding to install a new boiler system will be making the choice between a gas or electric system. For homes that do not currently have a gas line connected to it, the costs of opting for a gas power boiler can be much higher than the costs of adding an electric boiler system. While a gas-powered boiler may be more efficient and cost less to operate, these savings can be dwarfed by the costs of installing a lengthy gas line. As a result, you will want to be mindful of these expenses when you are considering switching to a gas-powered system.

Will It Be Hard To Maintain A Boiler System?

A boiler system will need to be properly maintained in order to keep it operational. However, homeowners may not always know what these maintenance needs will be when they are first considering installing one of these systems. Generally, the maintenance will be heavily impacted by the type of boiler system that is being used. One that burns natural gas will need to be cleaned much more frequently than an electric model. While an electric boiler may require less maintenance than a gas-burning model, it will still need to undergo maintenance work periodically. Ideally, this work should be done every year or two by a professional boiler technician as they will be able to test and clean all of the components of the boiler so that it will continue functioning at peak efficiency.

Is A Boiler System Likely To Leak?

The design of boiler systems can make it extremely difficult for leaks to develop. However, it is not impossible for leaks to develop. If you are noticing moisture leaking out of the boiler, it will need to be treated as an urgent matter needing to be repaired. This is due to the fact that the boiler system will be under high pressure, and leaks can represent weak points in it that may be prone to rupturing or small leaks growing into a large one. Due to this reason, you may want to limit your use of the boiler system until the system has been inspected and the leak repaired by a technician.

To get help with boiler installation, contact an HVAC contractor in your area.