Reducing AC Maintenance

To prevent wear and tear to your AC unit, you need to do whatever you can to improve the function of your AC unit. Improving the function of your AC unit comes down to two main things: first, preventing your house from heating up in the first place, and second, boosting the function of your AC unit. The good news is that you don't need to specialize in thermodynamics in order to do either task. [Read More]

Hot-Water Heaters: Three Ways to Keep Your Family Safe

Hot-water heaters supply your home with the hot water you need to bathe, wash dishes, and do laundry. However, if heaters aren't properly maintained, they can pose several dangers to your family and your home. Use this guide to make sure your water heater is safely maintained. T&P Valve Safety Many hot-water heaters come with a T&P valve, otherwise known as a temperature and pressure valve. They are designed to release pressure buildup in your water heater that could otherwise cause an explosion. [Read More]

4 Home Maintenance Tasks To Complete Before Fall

If you're a homeowner, you know that your home needs maintenance and care so all your systems work properly. There are certain home maintenance tasks you can complete before fall when school starts up and your schedule gets busy again. Here are four maintenance tasks to check off your list: 1. Flush your tankless water heater If you have a tankless water heater, you can flush it to remove sediment that builds up. [Read More]

Your Best Heating And/Or Air Conditioning Options When You Need To Replace What You Have

If your heating system and/or your cooling system in your home has decided to give out completely, you may be looking at other options. It helps to know what your best heating and air conditioning options are when you are trapped between a rock and hard place (i.e., tight budget and having to repair one or both of these systems). The following highlights some of your best options for one or both systems that could really be a lifesaver to your pocket and the level of comfort in your home. [Read More]