Using Tea Tree Oil For Mold Removal

Many people use bleach to remove mold, but what do you do when someone in your home is sensitive to bleach fumes? Tea tree oil is a viable alternative to bleach when it comes to removing mold from hard surfaces. Unlike bleach, it does not give off harmful fumes or irritate your skin, but it does do a great job of killing and removing mold: What is tea tree oil? [Read More]

2 Major Wood Pellet Burning Boiler Questions & Answers

Boilers are a very common heating system for homes in especially cold climates. While these systems can be highly effective, they come in a variety of types, and some homeowners may feel somewhat overwhelmed when they are choosing a new boiler for their home. Unfortunately, boilers that use wood pellets are often overlooked as a viable alternative, By learning about these two common questions and answers, you will be more informed when it comes time to upgrade your boiler. [Read More]

How To Save Money On Your Electric Bill While Running The Air Conditioner

When the summer heat comes, an air-conditioned home can offer cool relief to the hot outdoors. But with the rising temperatures, your electric bill will be on the rise as well. Americans spend $11 billion annually on air conditioning. Use these tips to keep your home cool and save money on your electric bill. 1. Use a Programmable Thermostat Running the air conditioner when no one is in the home can cost you money. [Read More]

4 Tips For Reducing The Cost Of Your Home Heating Oil Delivery

If you use oil to heat your home, you probably don't look forward to the high cost of having oil delivered to your home. No matter which company you go with, you can expect oil to be rather expensive due to factors that are out of the company's control. However, there are a few things that you can do to save money on home heating oil delivery. Follow these tips, and you can save more this winter and every year by making a few simple changes. [Read More]