How To Fix Condenser Coil Problems

Does it feel like the air coming into your home when you are running your AC is not as cold as it should be? If so, there is a good chance that your problem has to do with the condenser coils. When the condenser coils are dirty, bent, or damaged in anyway, your system will struggle to produce cold air. You might still have strong airflow, but it won't be as cold as it should. [Read More]

4 Ways to Save on Air Conditioning Costs

As the summer months quickly approach, you may have some concerns about your air conditioning needs. In order to keep cool and comfortable, many people rely on air conditioning systems during the hot months. If you're extra careful, you can keep your air conditioning usage costs low so that you have less stress this summer. Keep reading to better understand the ways in which you save on air conditioning costs.  [Read More]

Should You Repair or Replace Your Furnace's Heat Exchanger?

A cracked heat exchanger can not only rob your home of heat, but it can also pose a serious health hazard as it leaks carbon monoxide and other combustion gases. If you've recently found out your furnace has a cracked heat exchanger, you may be grappling with the decision to repair or replace that component. If you want to know whether you should replace or repair your heat exchanger, you should take a look at the following. [Read More]

Tips For Overcoming Musty Odors In Your HVAC System

Musty ducts can be a problem whether you are running the AC or the furnace. The stale odor can be unpleasant, and in some individuals, it even leads to breathing difficulties. The root cause is usually moisture and dust, which has provided the means for mold and mildew to grow. The following tips can help you deal with the problem. Tip #1: Clean your AC drip system Most air conditioning units have a trip tray and a drainage hose. [Read More]